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Assets and Liabilities

As a business owner, you probably realise that operating and owning a business can be fraught with pitfalls and risks. It’s not enough to just turn a profit – you must also protect your business from claims and lawsuits. If handled improperly, these risks could result in the loss of both business and personal assets. 

Knowing what risks you face and how to mitigate them gives you the chance to run your business successfully. Purchasing risk protection insurance is a way of reducing the financial consequences should any of these possibilities happen. EM Insurance Brokers will assist you to evaluate all the risks to your private and business assets to ensure you have enough insurance but are not over-insured.

Assets All Risks

Assets & Liabilities

For homeowners and business owners. Provides automatic cover risks to property that is not excluded. For example, if an all-risk policy does not expressly exclude flood coverage, the home will be covered for flood damage.

Transit and Freight Insurance cover against loss or damage of goods in transit

Named Events Cover & Consequential Losses

Damage to business property or equipment may result in consequential loss. Business owners may purchase insurance to cover damages to property or equipment, as well as coverage for secondary losses.
Engineering Cover

Engineering Cover

Essential cover against risks encountered during contract implementation and execution. This includes different types of risk exposure in the course of construction project rollouts, installation projects as well as that affecting machines and equipment.
Political Violence and Terrorism Insurance

Political Violence and Terrorism Insurance

Covers against loss or damage to insured property and the ensuing loss of income caused by acts of terrorism, sabotage and political violence.
Transit and Freight Insurance cover against loss or damage of goods in transit

Management Liability

Covers exposures faced by directors, officers, managers and business entities.
Directors and Officers liability insurance

Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance

Protects the personal assets of a company’s directors and officers, as well as that of the company itself. The cover also provides reimbursement to the company when indemnifying its directors and officers.